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You can buy single tickets and certain Season Tickets using our app. If you choose to purchase your single ticket using the app, you will receive a discounted price compared to buying a single ticket on board the bus using your bank card.

You can buy the following tickets via our app:

The price off single tickets using the app is at a presale price, which is a discounted price compared to if you buy the ticket on board. You can choose to buy single tickets either by searching for your trip using the app or by selecting the ticket in the Buy Ticket view. Using the Purchase Ticket you will also find the ticket for District C and the City Ticket.

If you choose to purchase the City ticket or the ticket for District A to F valid 10 days or 30 days you have to create a user account.

Whatever ticket you choose to buy using the app, it is activated immediately on purchase. Buy your ticket just before boarding the bus.

Pay for your ticket

You have several payment options using our app. You can prepare at your own pace by choosing the appropriate payment method before you travel. You can switch to a different payment method at any time. The payment methods we offer via the app are:

  • Swish
  • Bank card
  • Purchase via Klarna
    • Pay within 14 days
    • Pay later - the invoice fee is added