Nationwide transportation services

If you want to make a journey of more than 30 km beyond the Örebro County border, you can apply for nationwide transportation services. To do this send an application form to the Transportation Services Unit, ideally 14 days before the requested travel day. Ahead of major holidays when a lot of people want to travel, such as the Christmas holidays, the deadline for applications is earlier.


You can obtain a permit for nationwide transportation services if you have a physical disability that means you are unable to travel by regular public transport on normal fares.


The journey may take different forms:


  • Second class by train with an attendant
  • First class by train
  • Regular bus, boat or air services
  • Taxi or special vehicle


You can apply for a nationwide transportation service in writing by printing and filling in this form:


 Bilden visar en ikon för pdf pdf Apply for nationwide transportation


Send it to:

Region Örebro län
Box 1613
701 16 Örebro