Applying for a transportation services permit

You must have a physical disability lasting at least three months which creates significant/particular difficulties travelling by regular public transport to be eligible for a transportation services permit.


A lack of public transport is not a valid reason for authorising transportation services. If your nearest bus stop is a long way away, some of the county’s municipalities offer complementary services. Contact your municipality for further information on complementary services.


When you have been authorised for transportation services, you will not be given a certificate or card showing that you are entitled to transportation services. All details are registered and saved at the Order Center. However, if requested, you must show ID when using transportation services.


The transportation services permit is usually valid for an unlimited number of journeys throughout Örebro County and you pay per journey. You can also travel outside of the county up to 30 km from the county border. The journey must begin or end in Örebro County. If you wish to travel further afield, you can apply for nationwide transportation services.


Apply for a transportation services permit

You can apply for a transportation service permit by downloading the application form below. The form is in Swedish. You can also order the application form by contacting our Customer Service.


You fill in the application and submit it to us. You may, if necessary, be asked to complete your application with a medical opinion. 


Bilden visar en ikon för pdf pdf Application for transportation service permit

Bilden visar en ikon för pdf pdf Application for transportation service permit with special conditions


Send the application to: 

Region Örebro län
Box 1613
701 16 Örebro