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We partly replaced the buses in Örebro county during the autumn of 2019 and will continue to replace all the buses in the county in the coming years.

Region Örebro County (Region Örebro län) operates bus services within the county and owns a bus company: Svealandstrafiken. It is owned together with the neighbouring county of Västmanland. The advantage of having both the regions owning the company together is that they are able to use the same buses between the two counties. This is also one of the new reasons why the buses have acquired get a new colour.

Another reason why bus replacement is taking place this year is that a couple of the agreements that Region Örebro County has had with different bus companies (contractors) will expire. Until 2025, there will still be some blue buses left in Örebro's public transport system. They will be phased out as they reach the end of their operating life and as the traffic agreements expire.

In total, there are 144 new buses in operation. The first bus replacements took place on August 19, 2019. 

The second bus replacements took place on September 30, 2019. At this point 78 city buses and 42 regional buses, based at the bus depot in Bettorp, had been replaced.

 The picture shows one of the new regional buses that will soon roll in Örebro county

The picture shows one of Länstrafikens new regional buses