Upcoming changes of our fares and traffic range

Due to the economic situation for Region Örebro County, a decision have been made regarding price adjustments and changes in the traffic by the Committee on Planning and Community Developmentinare.

Upcoming price adjustments

In order for us to keep most of the traffic range we have today, we need to adjust our incomes to the expenses that we have today. A decision about an price adjustment of a total of + 8% has been made. The price adjustment would, if permitted, will take place January 15, 2020.

The upcoming price adjustment does not mean an increase on all our tickets. The percentage will be distributed over different ticket types. How such a distribution would look like is currently under investigation and is expected to be decided on by the Committee on Planning and Community Developmentinare on December 4, 2019.

Upcoming traffic changes

Due to the economic situation that Region Örebro County has, we have to look into how we can make our traffic more effective. This includes traffic changes for parallel traffic, school rides with city and regional buses, Routes and departure times with a low range of travelers and service lines.