Soon Örebro County will receive more new buses

On August 19, something happened in the public transport. From the Odensbacken depot, several blue / white buses rolled out which now traffic the county. On September 30, it is time for the rest of the new buses to make an entrance in Örebro's city and regional traffic.

The new buses are equipped with several news items such as USB chargers, air conditioning, surveillance cameras. The regional buses and the city buses have a number of different characteristics that distinguish them.


The new city buses are available in two different variants, a short bus and a longer bus. In the buses, there is more room for standing travelers with new multi-guide rods. At the back of the bus there is also an extra exit. During winter time, electric floor heating fits well at the first door as well as the hot air fans by the doors.


The news on the regional bus is the integrated child seat Sit-Safe. The seat is distinctive with its red fabric and special pattern and is easily folded into a high chair with the help of a lever.


To celebrate this, personnel from Länstrafiken will be outside the resecentrum in Örebro on September 30 to inform and answer questions about the new buses.