We will get a new logo

This year there we have a lot going on at Länstrafiken. We replace a large part of the buses in late summer and autumn. We will also get a new logo and a completely new graphic look.

We think you will recognize yourself quite well anyway. The new logo has emerged partly from the current logo but it has become more clear and simple. We also think that it symbolizes who we are and what we stand for much better. We want to offer a public transport at the front when it comes to variety, service and quality. And we always have big focus on how we work with the environment and sustainability issues.

We will gradually phase in the new logo on signs, timetables and such media when those items have to be replaced. Our digital channels will be updated in the late summer.

The thoughts behind the logo

The new logo is also based on the abbreviation LT. The circle that stands for movement and mobility is also left. One change is that we now will be blue and green. Blue stands for security and green for energy, growth power and environment. The colors also clarify the connection to the mother brand Region Örebro County and the bus company Svealandstrafiken AB.

 Ny logo