New digital signs at selected bus stops in Örebro

We have begun with work on updating the major bus stops in Örebro with new digital signs that provide clearer information to travellers. They will display departure and arrival times as well as traffic disruptions when applicable.

All of the digital signs will have speakers where travelers can press a button to get spoken information about departure and traffic disruptions. Work is expected to continue in the coming weeks.


Bus stops in central Örebro that are selected to be equipped with new digital signs are Resecentrum, Slottet / Järntorget, Olof palmes torg, Våghustorget, Stortorget and Universitetsplatsen. The signs will not only be mounted in Örebro, they will also be mounted at major travel centers in the county.


All this to make the bus stops more accessible to our travelers.


Bus stop location A at Örebro travel center


With the push of a button, the traveller can be informed about arrival times an traffic info.


This sign shows all traffic that are close to departure from the travel center.



Bus stop location X at Örebro travel center