New design for our regional and city buses 2019

Starting August 19 this year, we begin to replace some of our buses. The reason is that today buses have reached the age limit and that Region Örebro County together with Region Västmanland, has formed a new transport company - Svealandstrafiken. The new buses will be have a blue wave that bends along side of the bus.

On August 19, a number of regional buses will be replaced and on October 1, all city buses in the city of Örebro will be replaced. In total, we have approximately 300 buses and these will be replaced gradually until 2025, when the last agreements with our external bus companies expires. Until then, there will still be some of our existing blue buses in traffic. 


The color of the buses is a combination of Västmanland's white buses and Örebro's blue buses. The blue wave symbolizes movement and is also a link to the counties' well-known lakes and watercourses.

New bus with blue wave