Bus stop points at the website

Did you know that you can see bus stop points at the website? These holding points are in turn represented by a bus shelter or a post. The smaller bus stops usually have two stop points one in the respective direction of travel on each side of the road, while the larger travel center has more.

You can reach our bus stop points by clicking on a bus stop icon at the map and select "bus stop page" in the menu. This applies to all maps at länstrafiken.se if you are on a route or a bus stop page. You can simply reach the bus stop points where a bus stop is visible on the map.  If you click the location you will see a box showing the nearest departures in minutes to the nearest departure time. Note that it follows the time table, so it will not change if the bus is late.


The reason why we have chosen to incorporate this information is to increase accessibility. We want to make it easier for you to find the place of the departure for the bus. This function is important, especially around the major bus stops in our county. By showing which buses that travel to the bus stops and where the bus should depart from. This makes it easier for you to plan your travel with us, so that you are located on the correct bus stop when the bus arrives. This applies to both larger and smaller stops.