City buses to the south side of Ladugårdsängen

In the middle of december 2019 we will begin to operate bus traffic to the south side of Ladugårdsängen. The area has expanded during the past years, and currently growing to become one of Örebros most inhabited areas. Route 6 will get a partially new route through the new-built area.

From december 15 route 6 will drive a new way between the bus stops Lavendelvägen and Sveaparken. The bus will departure from these bus stops:

  • Tybble Vårdcentral
  • Lavendelvägen
  • Karlsdalsallén (ny hållplats)
  • Termikgatan (ny hållplats)
  • Fatbursgatan
  • Loftbodsgatan
  • Tullängsskolan
  • Södra allén
  • Sveaparken and then continue in direction to bus stop Slottet (Järntorget)

The map down below is in Swedish. You are welcome to contact out Customer Service if you have questions.

a map showing bus stops for route 6


Most people gets less than 400 meters to their closest bus stop

The bus stops between Lavendelvägen och Sveaparken will be removed as route 6 no longer will departure from them. This includes the bus stops Mejramvägen, Sörbyängens centrum, Kumminvägen, Studievägen, Hemmansvägen, Utjordsgatan, Eklundaskolan and Eyragatan. We recommend you to a close bus stop nearby.

Our traffic planners have strategically changed the path for route 6 which resulted in only one area in the middle of Sörby gets more than 400 meters to the closest bus stop.