Our mission

Region Örebro County actively works to develop the region’s infrastructure, logistics, public transport and sustainable community planning. The aim is for the region to grow, develop and become more attractive.


Good communications are essential to being an attractive region. Good communications, housing and jobs are key elements in helping to create an attractive region. 


How are decisions made regarding public transport in the county?

The county’s future public transport is described in a transport provision programme (Trafikförsörjningsprogrammet). The programme has been adopted by the Region Örebro County Regional Assembly (Regionfullmäktige). The programme has been politically approved, and includes goals and fundamental principles regarding the future development of public transport.

Here you can find out more about the programme.


General public transport goals for 2025

The goals of the traffic provision programme focus on public transport’s contribution to achieving the goals set out in the regional development strategy.


By the year 2025, public transport in the Örebro region has…


…Sweden’s most satisfied passengers

…5 million more journeys compared with 2015

…a market share of at least 40% on the busiest routes

…a 35% reduction in energy consumption per person kilometre

…made the city traffic’s core routes and train and express services very accessible to all passengers


Bus companies run the buses for us

We have different bus companies that operate services for us. The services are procured through Region Örebro County, and information on this is available on the Procurement department’s website. 


Would you like to contact one of the bus companies that operate for us? The contact details can be found on our Customer Service page.