Ticket inspections and surcharges

We carry out regular ticket inspections on our buses. The aim of these inspections is to stop passengers using wrong tickets and to get more people to pay for their bus journeys.


Travel passes are inspected by the bus driver, but we also have ticket inspectors who carry out separate inspections. Länstrafiken uses the company Nokas Security AB to carry out these inspections.


It’s the ticket inspector’s job to make sure that passengers have a valid travel pass. As a passenger, it is your responsibility to make sure that you both have and can present a valid travel pass during the entire journey. For example, make sure your mobile phone has batteri capacity throughout the trip.


If you do not have a valid travel pass at a ticket inspection, the ticket inspector may charge a surcharge, in accordance with Swedish legislation (1977:67). In addition to the surcharge, you will also be charged an administration fee and a single fare for the current journey.


The surcharge is SEK 1000.


Paying a surcharge

If you have been charged a surcharge, you must pay it within 10 days using the paying-in card issued during the ticket inspection. If payment does not reach us within 10 days, a reminder fee will be charged. If the inspection fee is not paid after the reminder is issued, the case will be passed on to a debt collection agency.


Ticket inspections on trains

Ticket inspections on trains are conducted by the on-board staff, even though you are travelling with our tickets. If you have any questions about ticket inspections on trains or want to appeal against a surcharge, contact the rail company you travelled with. Contact details for the rail companies can be found here.