If some reason, you may no longer be able to travel with our buses, we can refund your ticket depending on your situation. Refunds are available from our Customer Center. To get a refund you need to hand in the Travelcard in question, making sure that you have your receipt and contact details with you, as well as your account details if you would like the refund to be paid into your account. Rules on refunds are set out in our travel terms and conditions. 


Refund of unused season ticket or travel credit

We can refund the full value of unused season tickets and unused travel credit within 7 days of buying the ticket. In these cases we refund the sum into your bank account or give you travel credit at our Customer Center.


Refund of a used season ticket 

If you have activated your season ticket and want a refund within 7 days, we will refund the amount due on the season ticket as travel credit. The amount due is calculated by deducting the cost of single tickets for journeys made. This also applies if more than 7 days have passed since the card was bought, whether or not the ticket is activated.


Refund of single tickets

We do not refund single tickets or tickets deemed to be of the same value as single tickets. If you were unable to make your journey or were delayed, you may be able to apply for compensation through our Travel Guarantee. You can apply for compensation for delayed journeys here.


Refund of card fee

If you have a completely unused Travel Card, we will refund the card fee of 30 SEK. In order for a Travel Card to be counted as unused, there has to be no previous trip registered on the Travel Card, the period has to be unactivated and / or the travel credit untouched. If a Travel Card is used, the card fee will not be refunded.


Refund because of a major change in our bus traffic

Sometimes we need to make changes in our bus lines that can affect your opportunities to travel with us. If such a change affects you so that you no longer have the opportunity to use public transport at all, we will perform a refund according to the same principle as if you have a used season ticket, see above. In these cases, we refund the sum into your bank account or give you Travel credit at our Customer Center.


If you get reduced travel opportunities, but still have access to public transport, we refund your season tickets to Travel credit, according to the principle of an activated season ticket. We do not refund Travel credit if you still have access to public transport.