Special Transportation Services – contact details and opening hours

Our Order Center deals with matters relating to Special Transportation Services. The person to contact depends on the type of service required. If you’re unsure who to contact, phone our Order Center and we’ll put you in touch with the right person!


Transportation Services Unit – including nationwide

If you have any questions about applying for transportation services for elderly/disabled persons, locally or nationwide, or a monthly transportation services pass for day care centres, work or study, please contact our Customer Service to get through to a transportation services assessor who can answer your questions.


Our transportation services assessor can be reached weekdays 08:00-12:00 (excluding public holidays) on 0771-55 30 00.


If you would like to post your application for a transportation services permit, please send it to:


Region Örebro County
Färdtjänstenheten (Transportation Services Unit)
Box 1613
701 16 Örebro


Patient Transport Unit

If you have any questions on the rules regarding patient transport services, please contact our Patient Transport Unit to speak directly with one of our patient transport administrators.


The unit can be reached on 020-31 43 22 Mondays-Thursdays (excluding public holidays) 09:00-14:30 and is closed for lunch 12:00-13:00. On Fridays the unit can be contacted 09:00-12:00.


Order Center – ordering transportation services and patient transport

Our Order Center deals with bookings for transportation services, patient transport, Flextraffic and demand-led traffic services. Journeys can also be amended and cancelled at the center. You can also phone the Order Center if you have forgotten anything during a journey using transportation services for elderly/disabled people or patient transport. We can help you with issues regarding drivers and other comments on our Special Transportation Services.


The Order Center can be reached on 0771-92 00 00. We are open 06:30-21:30 daily. When planning patient transport, remember that you must phone and book your journey by 18:00 at least one weekday (excluding holidays) before your date of travel. Please note that you can contact us 24 hours a day if you need emergency patient transport.


Adapted school transport

Do you need to cancel your or your child’s journey by adapted school transport? Or do you have any other questions on adapted school transport? Please phone us weekdays (excluding public holidays) on 019-17 50 17.