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If your journey with us is delayed by more than 20 minuts, due to a mistake made by us, a problem with our services, or shortcomings in our information, you are eligible for compensation under our Travel Guarantee.

According to the Public Transport Passengers' Rights Act(2015: 953), this payment applies to travel by bus and train. If you have been delayed when using our Service Travel, please contact our Order Centre.

Applying for compensation for delayed journeys

The easiest way to apply for compensation is here on the website. Please note that the form is in Swedish, but you can still apply in English. You can also obtain an application form from our Customer Service. If you wish, you can also contact the Customer Service for assistance with compensation.

Please apply for your compensation as soon as possible after the event in question. This will enable us to handle your case efficient. Your application must be submitted no later than 2 months after the event.

Amount and payment of compensation for delayed journeys

According to Section 15 of the Public Transport Passengers' Rights Act (2015:953), you are entitled to 50% of the fare if you are more than 20 minutes late, 75% if the delay is more than 40 minutes and the full fare if the delay is more than 60 minutes.

However, Länstrafiken will compensate you for the entire single journey ticket price when you risk being more than 20 minutes late. If you travelled using a season ticket, we calculate the value of the journey based on 36 journeys a month. Our minimum compensation is SEK 50, which means that we always pay at least SEK 50 if the calculated compensation sum is below SEK 50.

If you decided to take a taxi, we pay compensation up to a maximum of SEK 1,208. If you decided to complete the journey in your own car, we pay compensation based on the Swedish Tax Agency’s norm for tax-free mileage allowance up to a maximum of SEK 1,208.

Under our Travel Guarantee, compensation is paid in the form of Travel Credit which you can also use as part payment for a season ticket.

We pay into an bank account or in the form of Travel Credit

Compensation can be paid in the form of Travel Credit which you can then use as part payment for a season ticket. If you choose to have your compensation in the form of Travel Credit, we will add an extra SEK 50 to the payment.

It is also possible to have the compensation paid into your bank account. You can choose this option when you apply for compensation. If no payment option is chosen in your application, we pay the compensation as Travel Credit.

Regulations regarding the Travel Guarantee
  • Taxi, own car or other transport

    If you risk arriving more than 20 minutes late at your destination, you can choose to travel by taxi or your own car. 

    You also receive compensation for reasonable costs for travel with other transport. You order the taxi yourself and send the original taxi receipt to us together with the form in the folder, which you can either collect from Customer Service or ask them to send to you.

  • Travelling by train

    If you are travelling by train with tickets issued by us, our compensation will equal that offered by the rail company. The terms and conditions for compensation can be found on each rail company’s website.

  • Travelling to or from healthcare

    If you have been delayed more than 20 minutes when travelling to/from healthcare, you can make a complaint and get compensated. We only pay compensation if you have taken another transport than the bus: taxi or own car. 

  • Travelling with a Company Card

    If you have been delayed more than 20 minutes when travelling with a Company card, we will pay the company compensation. The level of the allowance is calculated in the same way as if you travelled with a Travel Credit (reskassa) privately, even if the compensation is paid out to the company connected with the Company card. Please indicate on the application "Other" ticket and write Company card (Företagskort) as a comment.  

  • Transportation service card and Accompany Card

    If you have traveled with a Transportation Service card (Färdtjänstbevis) and have been delayed by more than 20 minutes, we will compensate you thorough our Travel Guarantee. The compensation is calculated on the basis of the same principle as if you were traveling with Travel Credit. We do not pay reimbursement for travel with the Accompany Card (Ledsagarkort).

  • Travel Guarantee exclusions

    Our Travel Guarantee does not cover delays due to services which we have announced online, at major bus stops or via the app at least four days before your journey commenced.

    No compensation is paid for loss of income or other losses such as broken connections for journeys outside of Movingo’s and TiB’s traffic system, tickets for events or package holidays. Nor does our Travel Guarantee apply when using loyalty cards such as School Cards.

  • Appealing a compensation decision

    If you wish to appeal against a decision regarding compensation for a delayed journey, please do so in writing. You can send your appeal to us by email or post. If you do not have the opportunity to submit this in writing, please contact our Customer Service for further assistance. You can find the contact informationen to our Customer Service here.