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Impact on our buses

Due to the Corona virus, our bus traffic are affected.

Read more in the news about the corona virus here.

There are cancelled departures with our buses and information on these can be found on our collection page for traffic information. (In Swedish only)

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If you have received a surcharge that you think is incorrect, you can dispute it. You can do that right here on the site.

You can dispute a surcharge via the form "Challenge a surcharge" or by sending a letter to us. You must submit your dispute so we will have it no later than 10 days from the ticket inspection. Fill in the information in the form and the reason as to why you want to dispute the surcharge. Here you can read more about how we handle your personal data.

Fields marked with required must be completed in order for you to submit your dispute. If your dispute concerns a person who lacks a full Swedish personal identification number, do the following:

  • Write the first six digits of the row for social security numbers followed by four zero's 0000.
  • Write the last four letters / numbers in the field for motivation.
  • Challenging your surcharge
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    File upload
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      You have to approve the handling of personal data