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Our payment solution for companies offers several benefits. Among other things, it is good for the environment, good for health and good for the wallet.

With our payment solution for companies you travel with:

  • City and regional bus in Örebro county
  • Trains in Bergslagen throughout Örebro county

The Travel card can be used by everyone at the company and is not tied to one person. The more cards you have with you, the greater the flexibility. It is also possible to travel several people on the same Travel card.

You do not need to pre-book your trips or buy separate tickets. All trips you make with us are collected on an invoice that is sent out to you at the end of the month.

Six benefits of traveling by bus and train

  • You show yourself as a leading edge company that contributes to a sustainable future and a cleaner region.
  • All trips are collected on one invoice
  • Bus and train journeys are cheaper than cars, taxis and flights
  • The opportunity to work during travel time gives a more efficient working day
  • All travel card management is done online - no paperwork is necessary
  • Travel as often or rarely as you like. You do not need to pre-book your trip with us.

Suitable for you who are:

  • Business - bigger and smaller
  • Employed or responsible for a business within a government, municipality or Region Örebro county
  • Employed or in charge of an organization